NextcloudCMD without GUI

We will install and configure the Nextcloudclient (nextcloudcmd) 2.3.3 to sync all data headless and without any gui to your or federated Nextcloud Server silently. Therefore we will add the Nextcloud repository as root...

Nextcloud Client (Ubuntu)

Nextcloud Client (Ubuntu) First add the Nextcloud-PPA to your system: sudo -s add-apt-repository ppa:nextcloud-devs/client Then run an update and install the Nextcloud client: apt update && apt install nextcloud-client FiInally edit your environment and...

Roundcube alongside Nextcloud

We will run Roundcube 1.3.4 in a subfolder alongside and within Nextcloud on your NGINX, enhance security using TOTP (2FA) + fail2ban and finally add functionality using a carddav plugin for Nextcloud contacts. To...

ODROID-C2 from scratch

(1) Install the Image to your eMMC (2) Configure the static ip address (3) Server tweaks (3.1) Bash (auto-) completion (3.2) Create a new user and disable root (3.3) Adjust your time and timezone...

Apache2 with http/2.0

Nextcloud with http/2.0 You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted but recommended PPA by adding ppa:ondrej/apache2 to your system’s Software Sources. Add the following repository to your system:

Apache2 and letsencrypt

Install letsencrypt As root-user change to your preferred working-directory and clone letsencrypt-software using git. Then change to the new letsencrypt-directory and request the certificates:

Apache2 SSL A+ (Nextcloud)

Find my Apache2 configuration files (vhosts) below and receive an A+ ranking from First create the Nextcloud vhost to redirect from http (:80) to https (:443):

Apache2 using mpm_event

Install and tweak Apache2 & PHP7.1 Install Apache2 and choose the preferred Muti-Processing-Modul (MPM) mpm_event_module (documentation) as your worker. Run-time configuration directives are identical to those provided by worker, with the only addition of...


Logfiles NGINX 1.13.x PHP 7.1 Ubuntu 16.04.03 LTS Nextcloud – Keepass Nextcloud DB (MariaDB backup, restore and queries)

Using Nextcloud’s command line

(1) Use Cron or Ajax to run Nextcloud background jobs (2) Re-Scan your Nextcloud data (3) Cleanup Nextclouds filecache (4) Remove deleted files (5) Disable or enable apps (e.g. two-factor authentication or gallery) (6)...