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OpenSSL 1.1.1 systemwide (Ubuntu 18.04 / Debian 9.x)

Following this guide you will manually Install the latest OpenSSL on Ubuntu 18.04.1: “…OpenSSL is a robust, commercial-grade, and full-featured toolkit for the Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols…” Source: [OpenSSL]...


Nextcloud backup and restore

Backup Nextcloud Ensure to have regulary backups from _0 (Sunday) to _6 (Saturday)  of your Nextcloud, including at least: – the webfolder: /var/www/nextcloud – the datafolder: /var/nc_data/appdata_<id> – and the database: nextcloud. Please substitute ubuntuusername...


Nextcloud ready for Talk

“Meetings with colleagues, customers and partners – have a personal conversation with one click. Keep conversations private with Nextcloud Talk” on your own Nextcloud server, based on Ubuntu 18.04, NGINX 1.15 and your own TURN...


Solutions: ImagickExceptions in nextcloud.log

You are in trouble with previews and/or with thumbnails within your Nextcloud? You found errors like “ImagickException: not authorized…” in your Nextcloud logfile (/var/nc_data/nextcloud.log)? Just follow these instructions in your terminal session (e.g. ssh) and...


Install and configure postfix (smtp)

Postfix will be installed and configured to send mails system wide (Ubuntu 18.0.4 64Bit) and e.g. for apticron and fail2ban notifications either. But please keep in mind to backup your system first. Install postfix to...


Nextcloud 15 and ONLYOFFICE (NGINX)

Please verify your config.php – in previous versions of this guide i had a typo! Last Updates: October, 10thth 2018: – added a new nginx.conf and made ammendments to the version series Guides for Onlyoffice…...

deSEC – dyndns for Nextcloud

First register (german: registrierung) an account and wait for your personal credentials sent by email. Then start to install and configure the dyndns client. To install ddclient, use


Postgresql 10 instead of MariaDB/MySQL

Pre-Requirements: wget –quiet -O – | sudo apt-key add – add-apt-repository “deb bionic-pgdg main” Install Postgresql: apt update && apt install postgresql-10 php7.2-pgsql -y Create the databse, databse user and grant permissions: sudo...