Nextcloud Installationsservice

Ich installiere Ihnen Ihre eigene, persönliche und sichere Nextcloud 15! Für einmalig(e) € 119,- Keine Vorkasse – Bezahlung auf Rechnung Das Pauschalangebot umfasst die nachfolgenden Positionen (remote) Installation und Konfiguration des NGINX-Webservers 1.15.9 Installation und...


Roundcube alongside Nextcloud

We will run Roundcube 1.3.8 in a subfolder alongside and within Nextcloud on your existing NGINX, then we will enhance security using TOTP (2FA) + fail2ban and finally we will add Nextcloud functionality -using a...


Nextcloud 15 and COLLABORA (NGINX)

Nextcloud and Collabora on one server You just have to substitute and paste the red ones with regards to your requirements. Let’s start with the preparation of the docker environment: apt remove docker docker-engine


Nextcloud 15 and ONLYOFFICE (NGINX)

Nextcloud and ONLYOFFICE on one server Onlyoffice using the same domain as Nextcloud Onlyoffice using a different domain as Nextcloud Start with the preparation of your router and open a TCP port in particular for...


LAB: Loadbalancing for Nextcloud

I built a new lab environment that consists of 6 to 10 virtual Ubuntu server (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS x64) using the same virtual network, based on Virtual Box 5.2. Virtuall Lab Description: Server1: Frontend...


Clone your Nextcloud

Assuming you have two Nextcloud instances (in my example Nextcloud 13.0.5 from here) called (1) https://source (2) https://destination and one folder to change your data (in my example a NFS share called “/share”) (3) /share...