Nextcloud installation guide

oDroid C2 / Intel NUC, Nextcloud 12.0.3, Nextcloud A+, SSL A+, Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS 64Bit, nginx 1.13.6, mariadb 10.0.31, PHP 7.1.10, ufw, fail2ban, redis-server, postfix (TLS v. 1.2), ssh with 2FA enabled …

01. Install NGINX 1.13.6 with ngx_cache_purge module
02. Install PHP 7.1.10
03. Install MariaDB 10.0.31
04. Prepare NGINX for Let’s Encrypt and Nextcloud 12.0.3
05. Install Nextcloud 12.0.3
06. Install Redis-server 3
07. Create the ssl certificates
08. Configure Nextcloud 12.0.3
The following chapters are optional:
09. Mount additonal storage to Nextcloud
09.1 NAS (e.g. Synology)
09.2 external HDD e.g. WD for NextcloudBox
10. Recommended tweaks and hardenings
11. SSL certificate renewal
12. Backup
13. Server hardenings
14. monitor your entire system using netdata

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Using Nextcloud’s command line

(1) Use Cron or Ajax to run Nextcloud background jobs
(2) Re-Scan your Nextcloud data
(3) Cleanup Nextclouds filecache
(4) Remove deleted files
(5) Disable or enable apps (e.g. two-factor authentication or gallery)
(6) List all config parameters and removes sensitive values
(7) All Nextcloud occ commands
(8) Upgrade your Nextcloud
(9) Enable/disable user
(10) Reset passwords

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Roundcube alongside Nextcloud

We will run Roundcube in a subfolder alongside and within Nextcloud on your NGINX, enhance security using TOTP (2FA) + fail2ban and finally add functionality using a carddav plugin for Nextcloud contacts.

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NextcloudCMD without GUI

We will install and configure the Nextcloudcmd withou any GUI to sync all your data to a Nextcloud Server silently. Therefore we will add the Nextcloud repository as root to our Ubuntu Server, install the Nextcloud client, create a shell script and configure a cronjob to sync your data automatically:

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Prepare your ODROID-C2 from scratch


(1) Install the Image to your eMMC
(2) Configure the static ip address
(3) Server tweaks
(3.1) Bash (auto-) completion
(3.2) Create a new user and disable root
(3.3) Adjust your time and timezone
(3.4) ssh modifications
(3.5) optional: rename your server
(4) Update your server
(5) Performance tuning: boot.ini

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Previews jumping up as popcorn

Increase the gallery performance significantly by enabling the Preview Generator app. Start the Preview Generation and wait for its end – then edit the crontab to perform periodic thumbnail generations for newly created data and finally enjoy your previews as “jumping popcorn”! So let’s start…

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Enabling MariaDB 4-byte support

In order to use Emojis on your Nextcloud server with a MariaDB database, the installation needs to be tweaked a bit. But before applying any changes to your Nextcloud system, backup your database and files first.

I used Nextcloud’s 4-byte support-documentation as a template and added screenshots and comments to it. So let’s start:

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